Our Patriot Ancestors

Listed below are the Patriot ancestors of our chapter members, the state they served, and their service. American Revolutionary War Patriots include signers of the Declaration of Independence, members of local and state militias, members of the Continental Army or Continental Navy, men and women who rendered other types of aid to the cause of independence, and those taking oaths of loyalty. With a few exceptions, military service began with the Battle of Lexington (19 April 1775) and ended when the British evacuated New York (26 November 1783). Patriots may have also provided civil service, conducting public business in the newly formed American states.

William Alban, PA, ENS
John Mcknitt Alexander, NC, CAPT, CS, PS
Philip Frederic Antes, PA, COL, PS
Micajah Ayer, MA, PVT
Ambrose Barnaby, MA, PVT
John Beaver, Sr., PA, PVT
Margaretta (Steinbrenner) Beaver, PA, PS
Isaac Beeson, NC, PS
George Bell, PA, CAPT
Isaac Bennett, MA, SGT
John Benson, NY, SOL, PS
Michael Blocker, NC, SOL
Lilly (Mcilhaney) Bowen, VA, PS
Robert Bowen, VA, CAPT
John Bradstreet, MA, SOL, CS, PS
John Brown, NH, PVT
George Burnham, CT, PS
John Caughey, PA, PVT
John Cave, VA, PS
Thomas Chenoweth, Sr., MD, PS
William Comstock, RI, LT
John Curtis, MA, SGT, CS
Ruth Peabody Curtis, MA, PS
Joseph Darling, MA, PVT
John Dent, VA, LT
William Dent, NC, PS
George Diehl, PA, PVT
John Doane, MA, PVT
William Dugan, NC, PS
Edward Dunbar, CT, CPL
Felix Earnest, NC, ENS
Henry Earnest, NC, CS
George Emmert, VA, PVT
John Evans, VA, COL, CS
Thomas Fancher, CT, LT
Moses Fay, CT, PVT
Obel Fellows, CT, PVT, PS
Johann Adam Feuerbach, PA, PVT
Abraham Fitts, NH, LT, PS
Archelaus Flint, CT, PS
Jabez Flint, CT, PVT
Joseph Fore, VA, PVT
Peter Fore, VA, PVT

Robert Galbraith, PA, PVT
William Gatewood, VA, PS
Joseph Gonzalez, NY, PS
Eliezer Gould, MA, SGT
Zaccheus Gould, MA, CS, PS
Nathaniel Gray, CT, CS, PS
Samuel Griffin, CT, SOL
David Griswold, NY, PVT
Phillip Hahn, NJ, PS
Lewis Hale, VA, PS
William Hallam, SC, PVT, PS
Gabriel Hangary, PA, PVT
Ludwig Hartman, PA, PVT
John Hartman, PA, PVT, CMMAN
John Haskell, MA, CS
Jethro Hatch, CT, MAJ
Benjamin Herring, Sr., MA, CS
Jacob Hewitt, Sr., PA, PS
Ludwig Hewitt, PA, PVT
Christian Hoffert, MD, PS
John Hoffert, MD, PS
Daniel Holt, NH, PVT
Thomas Hopkins, RI, PVT, PS
Nehemiah Houghton, NH, CAPT, CS, PS
James Howard, RI, PVT
Jacob Hummel, PA, PS
Jacob Inners, PA, PVT
Seth Ketchum, MA, PVT
Stephen Keyes, MA, SOL
Ephraim Kibbe, NJ, SGT
John Killam, MA, PVT
Abraham Kitchell, NJ, PS
Daniel Koons, PA, PVT
Agnes (Mosby) Laforce, VA, PS
Rene Laforce, VA, SOL, CS
Abraham Lane, NJ, LT PS
Elijah Learned, MA, SGT
John Lingel, PA, PS
Solomon Edward Long, NC, PS
Zachariah Longley, Sr., MA, STAFFOF
Zachariah Longley, Jr., MA, PVT
Zachariah Lothrop, CT, PVT

Matthew Mayhew, MA, CAPT
William Mcgehee, PA, PVT
Thomas Mclaughlin, VA, NC, PVT
Zeally Morse, VA, STAFFOF, PS
Malone Mullins, NC, PVT
Ephraim Paine, NY, CS ,PS
Thomas Penney, MA, PVT
Robert Pickens, SC, SOL
Caleb Pillsbury, Sr., MA, CAPT, PS
Robert Poage, VA, CS
John Poage, Sr., VA, CS
Noel Potter, RI, ENS
Stephen Potter, RI, CS, PS
Benjamin Reed, MA, LT
Gilbert Ritchie, PA, PVT
Elisha Roberts, VA, PVT
Jonah Robinson, NJ, PS
Nathaniel Sanders, VA, PVT, PS
Thomas Scott, NC, PVT
Gideon Seeley, Sr., NY, CAPT
Christian Sheets, NC, SOL
Job Sheldon, RI, SGT
Joshua Sherrill, NC, PS
William Sherrill, NC, CS, PS
Peter Slater, MA, PVT
Timothy Smith, NY, PS
Peter Stolp, NY, SOL
John Stone, VA, PS
Stephen Sweet, MA, STAFFOF, DR
John Swint, GA, SGT, PS
Halsted Timothy, NY, PVT
Ransom Tinsley, VA, PVT, PS
John Torrence, GA, SOL, CS
Thomas Towne, NH, PVT
Thomas Towne, VA, PVT, PS
Samuel Tripp, RI, STAFFOF
Stephen Washburn, MA, PVT
John Watson, SC, PS
Willis Murphy Watson, SC, LT
Jeruel West, MA, CPL
Hannah (Watts) Weston, MA, PS
George White, MA, CAPT
John Winn, Sr., VA, PS
Nehemiah Wright, NH, PVT

Glossary of United States, Country, and Patriot Service Abbreviations:


CT — Connecticut

DE — Delaware

GA — Georgia

MD — Maryland

MA — Massachusetts

NH — New Hampshire

NJ — New Jersey

NY — New York

NC — North Carolina

PA — Pennsylvania

RI — Rhode Island

SC — South Carolina

VT — Vermont

VA — Virginia


CAPT — Captain

CMMAN — Court Martial Man

COL — Colonel

CPL — Corporal

CS — Civil Service

DR — Physician or Surgeon

ENS — Ensign

LT — Lieutenant

MAJ — Major

PS — Patriotic Service

PVT — Private

SGT — Sergeant

SOL — Soldier

STAFFOF – Staff Officer